Exterior view of the hotel & car park of The Inn at Saratoga

About The Inn at Saratoga

Learn More About This Historic Gem In Saratoga Springs

The Inn at Saratoga is Saratoga Springs’ oldest known lodging house. It was built in 1843 by a carpenter from New Hampshire and there are records confirming it operated as a boarding house beginning in 1847.

Close-up of the hotel signboard at Inn at Saratoga in Winter

The hotel has gone through decades of rich history and change in its nearly 180 years of existence. In the early days the Inn at Saratoga operated as a boarding house for patients being treated for chronic illnesses, in 1862 it was a celebrated “high class” hotel for Cuban Vacationers, and in the 1920’s its proprietor Rabbi Brenner operated the house as a Jewish hotel. It has been known as The Everett House, Hotel Brenner and Coachman Motor Inn.

The building itself has gone through transformations such as the three-story brick addition added in 1865 and the redevelopment of the front block around 1862 where the façade was rebuilt in a high Gothic Victorian style that was popular at the time. The Inn has been witness to Saratoga’s famous times of economic boom as well as times of deep economic depression. Nevertheless, The Inn at Saratoga has stood the test of time and is a vital piece of Saratoga’s History. Today we are committed to the Preservation of this historic property in the hopes that it will continue to welcome guests for years to come.

A distant front exterior view of The Inn at Saratoga